"'Hilbert Space' is a mind-bending visual and aural experience. A man in black whips us into a fourth dimension where history and infinity, science and human aspiration resonate and coalesce. Mathematicians always talk about the poetry of their subject but this is the first time I ever felt it. A living work."

– Molly Haskell - Film Critic/ The Village Voice, New York magazine and Vogue


Night Blooming Flower at Witteveen Art Center, Amsterdam

 Night Blooming Flower , a single channel video installation, premieres at the Witteveen Art Center…

Hilbert Space at Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

Hilbert space‘ will be performed at the closing ceremonies of the Internationales Short Film Festival Hamburg

Presented at Kolbenhof / Festival Center, Hamburg

Fatherland: Filmkunst & Videoperformance von Karl Nussbaum

(1998 – 2011, USA, 69 min)

A program of 5 films and the video performance piece, “Hilbert space.”

Presented at Ex-Ground Filmfest 25 – Kunsthaus Wiesbaden

USA: Avante-garde – Bodies, Souls and Time machines

Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, – ‘Neural Pathway

After his wild days of endoscopic exploration of all kinds of body substances and visual attacks on the audience, video artist Karl Nussbaum discovers spirituality and beauty in his later creative period.

– Birgit Glombitza

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