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By Rick Cumutte

Richard A. Cumutte, Jr. is the Editor of The Film Joumal. He has studied English and Film at Ohio University and The Ohio State University. He is a founding member of the Central Ohio Film Critics Association

For 12 years, the Philadelphia Film Festival (formerly the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema) has been carving out a niche as a topnotch place to catch independent and intemational films. Though not as well known as other high profile festivals, the Philly festival is one of the best, most diverse and most fun, festivals around.

Here’s a small sampling of the 300 films they showcased this year:

Thanatos & Eros: The Birth of the Holy Freak (Karl Nussbaum, Germany) – A strangely effective mixed-media documentary about the Holocaust, cancer, friendship, family dynamics, faith, lack of faith and the desire to be different. Some 12 different mediums were used in this Photoshop wet dream. Not entirely successful in content, but stunningly original in form.
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Issue 13 – January 2006

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