Return to Grace

Return to Grace

(2008) – Video installation, 45 min. loop

My seven year old asked me: “How do people change their minds? How do they really change themselves? – not like in the movies.”  Return to Grace is a series of 9 short, abstract films that explores this transformation through the inventive eyes of children, and is presented as ‘moving paintings’ using the rhythms of breathing to create a hypnotic and trance like experience.  The video cycle is presented on a framed monitor hung on the gallery wall.


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There used to be Spirits in the Water

Video Excerpt – 1min 40sec

[youtube= w=600]

The nature of flowing water and how it has influenced all biological life on earth, from the shaping of human organs to creating the land masses of the earth – How children imagine unseen forces influencing our lives whether its spirits in the water or tiny people inside our bodies.

My Voice Will Go With You

Video excerpt – 1min 48sec

[youtube= w=600]

Reference’s Dr. Milton Erickson’s belief that while under hypnosis, one can talk directly to the unconscious and tell it metaphoric stories.

Sensitive Chaos

Video Excerpt – 1 min 54sec

[youtube= w=600]

‘Rebuild yourself from water’


Video Excerpt – 2min 3sec

[youtube= w=600]

Reframing  is about the connection between our 2 brains: our emotional side vs. our rational side; between your conscious and unconscious – and the corpus callosum, the bridge between the 2 hemispheres of our brain. Where are religious feelings generated in the human brain? Are they stimulated by our own neuro-chemistry?

Paintings Change Their Mind

Video excerpt – 1min 15sec

[youtube= w=600]

A child’s dream of how paintings move and change when no one sees them at night; How the moment of change can be slowed down and made flesh for us to see.

The Weather Inside of Us

Explores where emotions and memories are created and stored by the tiny people inside us. And if there are tiny people inside our bodies, there must be tiny landscapes too… and weather.

Neural Pathway

Video excerpt – 1min 14sec

[youtube= w=600]

The near death experience explained as pure neuro-chemistry created by the human brain to help us leave our life peacefully.

Trip (leaving earth)

Video Excerpt – 1min 38sec

[youtube= w=600]

Return to Grace

Video Excerpt – 1min

[youtube= w=600]

Water as the unconscious, rarely showing what lurks below the surface

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